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At Bitterwater Outfitters we take great pride in what we do and we want to ensure that we are giving our customers the experience of a lifetime! Obtaining feedback from our customers plays an integral part in shaping the experience we provide for our customers and ensuring their satisfaction. The reviews that are posted online about our company reflect Please take a moment and see what others are saying about Bitterwater Outfitters and the amazing guided hunting tours we provide!

Tustin, CA
March 2022

Excellent customer service from the entire staff at Bitterwater. You won't be disappointed- they'll take care of you! I was helping some out of town guests plan a hunting trip. I personally have no knowledge at all about hunting, so I needed a lot of guidance. The team at Bitterwater Outfitters was helpful and professional every step of the way. Thanks again!

Roger S
Jan 2022

I have been to Bitterwater Outfitters several times over the past decade and am ready to book another adventure. The area is so rich with animals that each visit brings a whole new set of memories. Clayton and all of his guides put in 110% for the client. Amazing how in tune and knowledgeable all of them have been with each visit. It is an added bonus when you get to meet Bob that frequently wanders around the cleaning station. Oh yeah, the set up on the ranch is awesome with the hanging rack with adjacent freezer / meat locker and the service to have the butcher pick up and then deliver to selected city's is unbeatable. Ya gotta book it!!!!

Sep 2021

Second time hunting with Bitterwater Outfitters. Clay and Mike were great. Rode around some of the most beautiful hills, valleys and terrain that nature could ever make, looking for those pigs. Clay must have cats eyes because he tracked down a group of pigs , high up on a hill, in between some thick brush, that my eyes could not see with binoculars. Ended up being a group of 7-9 pigs that we than chased down for awhile, adding to the excitement, until finally getting to a great shooting angle and distance. Thank you again to Clay and Mike and everyone that makes Bitterwater Outfitters possible, hats off. My dad and I will definitely be returning very soon.

March 2021

Great day out, first hunt with outfitters. No complaints, set up was a no brainer, and Bill was easy going and knowledgeable. Great options on big game And exotics Definitely going back

Colin G.
Union City, CA
Jan 2021

was looking into a boar hunt with my father and found the highly rated Bitterwater Outfitters. I called and spoke with Clayton and booked a boar hunt for the first of the new year. Painless. I received a call a few days before the hunt from Clayton and confirmed the outing.

We drove down there early and got the RV settled in. They had two RV hook-ups! We met Michael and sighted in our rifles quickly and were off to the hunting site. Two hours later we arrived and met up with Ty. Ty and Michael drove us around the property for about an hour before Michael spotted the first pig.

Im not sure how he did it, as the thing was approximately 100 yards away on the otherside of an Oak tree. With only its legs visible. He quickly pulled me out of the canam and set up the rifle stand. The boar was quartering off heading in the opposite direction. I had no shot. Ty let out a pig call and the boar quickly turned and gave me his broadside, without hesitation I let loose with a 150gr 7mm mag round. Lung shot the boar was down. Michael field dressed the boar and walked me through how its done.

The guys were relentlessly looking for boars, glassing and scanning constantly. We loaded the boar and were off to find my dad his own. Daylight was burning there was probably 5 minutes left of shooting light left. I looked at my dad, the look of defeat on his face. We both thought we weren't getting another pig today. Immediately after Michael was grabbing Ty and pointing into the distance. He was out of the canam in a flash, grabbing the rifle stand. My dad exiting the canam wondering what was going on. There in the twilight of sun down about 75 yards away a group of 5 to 6 boars.

I was bewildered Michael spotted them from the distance we were at and was able to distinguish them from the cows in the area. This guy knows his stuff. With only minutes of light left my dad took the shot and took out the boars heart. Second boar down. Everyone was excited over the success of the day. After field dressing him we were quickly on our way back to the ranch. Michael began skinning the boars for us and let us partake in assisting even though we slowed him down. We talked shop and had a good time.

Michael talked us through the butchering process and how that would go down. After eating some food we got a fire going in the firepit and cracked open the Coors.

Overall, great experience 10/10.

Pat N
Wallace, CA
Nov 2020

Bitterwater outfitters is the best in the business. Clayton and the guys took great care of us! We had two kids (9 and 11) with us and we couldn't be happier with the hunt, the facilities, customer service and overall feel of this place. We'll be going back for years to come and appreciate what they've put together down there. The bunkhouse was perfect and well equipped. Thanks fellas!

Lloyd M
Nov 2019

I'm a 79 yr old Vet with several conditions that limit my ability to be able to get out in the woods hunting. Hunting a free range Buffalo has been on my bucket list for over 20 yrs. One of my limitations is having COPA. Their guiding service for a Buffalo hunt worked out quite well sence the hunting is under 3500 ft and the and the guide was very proficient in finding the herd and placing me in a area were I could make a clean shot from about 300 yrds. The also have a Butcher that I used that does a very good job plus vacuum packs the meat for freezing. They also cater to vets. Hop to be able to use their services again. .

June 2017

I was introduced to Clayton Grant and Bitterwater Outfitters about 2 years ago and have hunted with Clayton several times since then. I will never hunt with anyone else or any other outfitter in Central California. Getting there is easy. Leaving is the hard part. The Grant Ranch, where Bitterwater is based out of, is a working cattle ranch so just being on the property is a great way to get away from the city. There are several state of the art cabins on the property which we stay in if available.   Otherwise, we bring the RV.  Worst case scenario, stay just outside of Paso and depending upon where you're going to hunt that evening or morning, its a short drive to the hunting grounds and/or the ranch itself

I have hunted wild boar and wild turkey with Clayton and have been successful most every trip.  If you want to hunt deer, elk, etc. you can do that too.  There is something for everyone at Bitterwater and hunters of all experience levels will feel at home.  Moreover, safety is a priority at any Bitterwater hunt so you can hunt and rest assured.

As if Clayton and his team of guides weren't enough to make Bitterwater a paradise, they have a fully stocked fish pond on the property so you can wet a line. From assistance with sighting in rifles, to cleaning your kill, to making sure the animal is properly stored until the butcher comes to pick it up, its as professional as professional gets. I can't say enough good things about Clayton and his team.
5 stars is not enough to do Clayton and this family owned business justice. I highly recommend Bitterwater Outfitters. Can't wait to get back!

May 2017

Just got back from my first pig hunt with Bitterwater Outfitters and it was a truly awesome experience. Clayton and his guides definitely know where and how to find the pigs, and work very hard to do so.  I felt like they were patient with us after missing a couple of shots that would probably be considered easy for more experienced hunters, and I could tell the guides genuinely wanted everyone to have the experience of getting a pig.  Apart from pulling the trigger, the guides do literally everything else for you, which is nice.  They have a great set-up for quickly and efficiently dressing and storing the game, and all the equipment to get you on the pigs out in the field.  Although things happen really fast once you get on the piggies, the atmosphere was very laid back, fun, and safe.  My buddy and I both came back with pigs and with some great memories.  We're already looking forward to our next trip with Clayton, Mike, Jessie and Princess.  I highly recommend Bitterwater Outfitters to anyone interested in wild pig hunting.  Too much fun!

April 2017

Clayton and his team are excellent at what they do. We hunted with Clayton and Mike on the weekend of 4/22/17 and they worked hard to get us on the pigs. My friend and I both shot wild hogs. They have access to amazing ranches with excellent terrain both for hunting and pure enjoyment of the countryside. This outfit is all about getting you the experience you want and ensuring a quality hunt. When I do another guided hunt and its for an animal that Bitterwater Outfitters offers I will absolutely book with them again without looking elsewhere. Clayton and his crew are conscious of all aspects of your hunt from safety, to shot setup to finding the game you are looking for. Can't say enough about these guys. Book with Bitterwater!

Sep 2016

I've hunted with Clayton Grant and his guides three times this year and all were exceptional experiences. The Paso Robles area is a great place to hunt game in California, and I wouldn't hunt with anyone else. I recently started hunting again after a long break. I wanted to brush up on my skills, so I combined my first hunt with their 2 day hunting school. It was a great experience. The instructor Randy is a life long hunter and trapper, and I learned a lot. I would definitely recommend it for a new or rusty hunter looking to get back to hunting.

March 2016

My friends and I came to Bitterwater Outfitters recently for a pig hunts. Clayton Grant was friendly, professional and answered all our questions. Clayton and his Guides explained how our 2 days would go and didn't rush us through our target practice or hunts. They offer affordable lodging we took advantage of in order to be ready for our morning hunt. We had the best weekend and can't wait to come back. Bitterwater Outfitters is the only way to hunt. Thank you for everything guys!

Teddy G.
Dixon, CA

As a gift, my wife gave me a Bison Hunt. My son and I contacted Clayton Grant of Bitterwater Outfitters and set up out hunt. Since it had been over 30 years since my last hunting trip and my son had never been hunting we decided to take the Hunting Class they offered. Randy Parker (the instructor) is a wealth of knowledge. Not only did he make the class informative, he made is very enjoyable. The time we spent with him was extremely valuable. The time in the classroom, and the time on the firing range all worked together and allowed us to have a very enjoyable and successful pig hunt.

The next day we went on the Bison hunt and I was able to hit my Bison from as far away as 243 yards; a shot I would never have taken if I had not been working with Randy over the last couple days.

Clayton Grant treated us like we were part of the family. Every member of the staff we interacted with was friendly, helpful and truly happy to assist us in making sure we were successful in out hunts. I can truly tell you that being able to visit Clayton and Bitterwater Outfitters was a highlight for my son and me. We will be returning again to enjoy another adventure with them.

Teddy and Josh March 2015

Christian K.
Los Gatos, CA
July 2015

Clayton and his employees are courteous and very hard working. As things should be involving rifles, they take gun safety and the safety of their clients seriously. Clayton and his employees are a wealth of knowledge and a very valuable resource to newer hunters.  Their equipment is top notch, facilities clean and very well maintained.  Although there are no guarantees hunting, Clayton and his crew will do their best to get you what you're after.  I've hunted with Clayton 6 times, all successful hunts.  I've introduced several friends to Clayton and they've also each had very successful hunts, continuing to book with him for future hunts.

We enjoy arriving early at Clayton's facility, using his range (benches provided, with measured targets to 400 yards @ 100 yd intervals) just to ensure our equipment is dialed prior to departing on our hunt.  Generally, we return successful at or prior to sunset.  If not, we stay in Paso and are up early back at it in the morning returning by about 11am +/-.  

Most importantly, he and his gang are always actively scouting property.  Prior to your arrival, he and his crew map out where you will be hunting.  95% of the time, we see pigs.  90% of the time we get what we see.....he has access to over 100,000 acres of private ranch hunting areas with varying terrain depending upon weather and migration.

I've got to know Clayton decently and in my opinion, he's a good, hard working family man that puts in lots of hours and is very accommodating if you communicate well with your desired hunts, time, schedule, etc.

As with anything, I'm sure a "cheaper" deal can be found.  However, if you factor in how frequently you get to hunt, the amount of time it takes to find what you're searching to hunt, access to lands, ease of harvested transportation, cleaning at facility and cold storage - it is VERY hard to make any comparison for a nominal amount of money.

I highly recommend Clayton and his gang.  Try it and have fun.

Don C.
Arroyo Grande, CA
July 2015

Just completed an aoudad hunt with Clayton Grant, owner/operator of Bitterwater Outfitters!!
What an outstanding experience.  Clayton and his guides provided all the support needed to get the aoudad of my dreams.  Huge!!!  Amazing experience on a ranch overlooking the ocean with views of Morro Rock.  Could not have asked for a better hunt with such outstanding individuals doing everything necessary for a successful hunt.

Robbie B.
Bakersfield, CA
July 2015

I hunted with Bitterwater Outfitters last week for a pig/bison combo. I should have brought more Ammo, I saw 50 plus pigs within a hour of legal shooting time. These guys run a first class operation, I have hunted with 7 plus outfitters in California and one thing is consistent they want you in and out as fast as they can. That was not the case here, once the hunt was done we shot varmints, fished then went and shot a while on there onsite shooting range. This place has it all. I booked an Aoudad hunt before I left that afternoon. If your looking for a quality hunting operation, look no further.

Jake B.
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
July 2015

Theses guys are great.  Lost of land to chose from and top notch service.  Game prep is perfect and they even deliver your kill to the wild game butcher for no charge.  I have hunted pigs, deer, turkeys, and dove at the Grant Ranch and there is no better place.  You can even save on the hotel costs as you can stay at the Ranch in your camper or tent if you like and they have bathrooms, showers, and bbq area for you to use.  You can take a novice here and they can hunt a wide choice of game and the experts in the group will not be disappointed by what they are provided either.  I have never been disappointed in 10 years of hunting with Clayton.

Pat M.
Roseville, CA
July 2015

All of my hunts with Bitterwater Outfitters have been great! My first hunt with them was when my daughter was 9 years old and she took an exceptional sheep! She is now 15 and we hunt with Clayton Grant and his staff every year! Top notch guides, service and facilities! I will hunt with Bitterwater until I can't hunt anymore... and hopefully my daughter will continue!!

Rod L.
Livermore, CA
June 2015

My guide Ben knew the path a local pack was taking from the barley fields to their day beds in the canyons.  By 7:30A I had bagged two good size pigs.  Great hunt, guide, ranch and overall experience.

Kelsey R.
Napa, CA
April 2015

We came out here this weekend for a pig hunt and loved the family atmosphere and family. After four pigs, two rams, horse back riding and camping we wouldn't recommend anywhere else! Thanks for the wonderful weekend guys!

James Y.
La Crescenta-Montrose, CA
April 2015

I treated myself for my fiftieth Bday to a hunt with this place. From the minute I talked to Clayton I realized that he was a very helpful and honest person. This is a meat "hunt" no one is trying to say it is anything else when you hunt on the ranch. There is also real hunting off the ranch which I plan to do in the future. I had a great time and enjoyed working with Clayton and all his crew.

Here is an email we received from one of our happy clients on July 19th, 2015


I cannot thank you enough for the excellent time we spent together even though it was short.  You were masterful in finding my Tule Elk.  I will never be able to forget the look on your face from the gate and that excited thumbs up signal you gave.  Your professionalism and skill are remarkable and it was a wonderful experience seeing you do what you do for your clients.  Mike was great and a very hard worker.  I would recommend you to anyone for the quality of the experience, the quality of the game, and the professionalism of the conduct of the hunt.  Please feel free to use me as a reference anytime.  I still cannot believe that it happened and that it happened so quickly.  Thanks for all of the scouting and your knowledge that led to making it happen.

B. Yeoman

Jake Brower

Clayton and his crew are top notch. I hunted pigs, deer and Turkeys on multiple ranches with Clay and his guides. We have always had plenty of chances and bagged game every time we have hunted. They have also helped to get meat to the butcher at no extra cost. Lastly, there is something for everyone from the beginner to the expert on the 250,000 acres Clayton has to hunt. This is the best deal in Ca. as far as hunting goes.

Scott Fisher

I've hunted with Clayton for a lot of years now and can honestly say I always have a great time when hunting with Clayton and his crew. Lots of great memories. That's why I keep going back again and again. Looking forward to hunting many more years in the future with these guys.

Dennis Weaver

I have been going to Bitterwater outfitters for the past couple years. I have had really good success from deer hunting to wild pig. The guides are really good and they know there stuff. If your looking for a great hunt Bitterwater is the place.

Edward F.

I've taken my boys (ages 15, 14 and 12) on several hunts with Bitterwater Outfitters. We've hunted exotics, Russian hogs and wild hogs with Clayton Grant and his team. We keep going back because it seems each experience is better than the last. Clayton provides a safe and exciting hunting adventure for the entire family. His team is made up of professional, well trained guides who took the time to talk to us through the entire hunt. As a father, I was extremely pleased with how they interacted with my boys and adjusted their approach to match each of the boy's level of experience and maturity. They let us know what to expect before and during the hunt, how to find the game, how to pursue the animal and finally how to "get the job" done. We had the option of just observing the processing of the animal or getting advice and training so we could be more prepared on our next hunt. No doubt about it, Bitterwater Outfitters is an awesome best place to go for an incredible hunting outing.

Terry Arnold

Have hunted multiple areas in Calif. and the World, Bitterwater has provided some of the best hunts that are second to none. In Calif. there is no other outfitters that come close. I have always been successful at whatever we hunt. With Bitterwater I have taken multiple animals species that are once in a lifetime result. Also, was the first to have hunted animals that Clayton had never hunted previously. I have the mounts to prove it! thanks Clayton for the great times and hunts!!

Calvin Johns

It was an amazing experience. We got our pigs and enjoyed the helpfulness of the guides.

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I give Bitterwater Outfitters a rating of 210%. It was an outstanding experience. Clayton was professional about everything. I have gone on other guided hunts and they don’t compare to Clayton’s hunts. I am definitely going to come back.