Empowering Veterans


Mission Statement

Our mission is a charity that empowers veterans with service connected disabilities and other populations with physical limitations to engage in hunting experiences to fulfill a sense of purpose and pride.

What We Offer

Operation Hunt 4 Heroes offers hunting experiences at no cost to these special populations to strengthen mental health and well-being.

Please reach out to Sgt. Maj. (Ret.) JM Geis for details while we get the online application uploaded and live.

email - geisjm@gmail.com
phone - (661) 742-6407


I just wanted to say thank you to Randy Parker for his knowledge that he was able to share with me in the class and in the field. He was so patient with me and walked me through everything that the class has to offer. I could tell that he has been hunting for many years, he was also very big on safety with gun handling and where to have the perfect shot placement on the pig that he was leading me too. He taught me everything I needed to know on the range. We saw different trails and tracks that I will carry with me all the days of my hunting career. My wife came with my as a guest on the second day for the hunt and Randy made her feel like part of the team.Randy is also a good hearted man and fun to be around with and so easy to talk too. This class is well worth your time and money!! Randy showed me how to field dress the pig I shot and also how to skin it when we got back to the cleaning station.
Rod and Denise - Nov 24th/25th, 2014