California Guided Euro & Russian Boar Hunts

Bitterwater Outfitters offers guided European and Russian boar hunting trips in California. Whether you're getting your first big game or looking for that one of a kind trophy, this is an opportunity of a lifetime. These unique guided hog hunts take place on our 1,000 acre game ranch in central California against a backdrop of rugged terrain, boulders, brush and natural water sources. We have a select number of European trophy boars each year, so don't miss out! The European and Russian boars are very sporty making for a fun hunt. They have a unique look and are one of the best meat pigs around. This California hog hunting trip is suitable for all skill levels and is an unmatched experience in California. Book your hunt with Bitterwater Outfitters today!


European/Russian Meat Pig Hunt: $975 per person
European/Russian Trophy Hunt: $1500 per person, depending on size
Non Hunter Guest: $200 per guest
** (gratuity not included)

What to Bring:

  • Good hiking boots and comfortable clothing
  • .243 or bigger
  • Lead free bullets
  • No license or tag required

What It Includes:

A European/Russan pig hunt includes up to two days of hunting either by foot or by truck/off road vehicle, field dressing  and skinning of game. The hunt includes the opportunity to harvest one pig. If a hunter would like an additional pig, an additional hunt fee will apply. The European/Russian pigs are high quality meat pigs weighing on average 150 lbs. Trophy pigs weigh approximately 200+- lbs and are classed and priced based on weight and tooth length. These animals are judged in the field by glassing.

All hunts include:

-Tent or trailer camping on the ranch free of charge
-Access to the shooting range to sight in your gun
-Access to the BBQ and fire pit

Meals are not included. See "Lodging" for additional accommodations.

European/Russian Pig Hunts operate year round and can be scheduled weekdays and weekends .

2 Hunter minimum or two animal minimum.

Effective July 1, 2008, the California Fish and Game Commission modified the methods of take to prohibit the use of projectiles containing lead when hunting big game and nongame species in an area designated as the California condor range.

Bitterwater Outfitters is in the condor range and lead free ammo is required. For a list of certified nonlead ammunition, click here


The experience with Bitterwater Outfitters was professional, safe, and had more of a family feel than a commercial feel. I always recommend Bitterwater Outfitters and I’m definitely going to come back. I wouldn’t change a thing.
Tim Layhee